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17 Jun

This is probably one of the most well known transgender blogs out there. Even if you’re not following it chances are you stumbled upon it once or twice anyways. And if you haven’t, I am here to tell you why you might want to check it out. ‘Femulate’ is a blog by 60-year old transgender Stana (although you wouldn’t give her that many years). What makes Femulate so interesting is that it has a couple of things going for it that set it apart from the usual personal TG blogs. Such as the thing I personally love and look forward to each day; the ‘Femulate Her’ and ‘The Femulated’ pictures featured at the left hand side. The ‘Femulate Her’ picture shows a picture of a woman plucked from the interwebs somewhere deemed worthy as inspiration for crossdressing or ‘femulating’ as Stana herself coins it. These are almost always women wearing classic yet trendy clothing and serve as good inspiration as Stana’s sense of style is quite impeccable. And they sure are a cut above the usual tranny style of fashion to put it mildly. So an admirable source of inspiration indeed. The ‘The Femulated’ pictures feature everything from transsexual women to crossdressing celebrities. Both pictures rotate on a semi-daily basis. More than just a personal blog it is a resource for interesting information regarding the TG scene but injected with enough personality so that it doesn’t become just a dry news site. Personal posts are also featured of course but are nicely offset by all different sorts of articles. Also of note should be the cartoons she does which are modifications of existing cartoons that give them that lil’ TG twist. They’re quite witty. All in all Femulate is probably one of the best and most informative TG blogs out there so check it out and you might understand why almost every transgendered person has this site bookmarked.



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